Creating Space For Meaningful Connections

About Tyee Coffee Company

There is something euphoric about sharing a coffee over conversation surrounded by beautiful scenery–Tyee Coffee Company makes it a memorable reality.

Our Story

Tyee Coffee Company is a lakeside cafe located at Bishops Marina in Coolin, ID that was established in the spring of 2017 by the Hagman family, and now under the ownership of Hunter Storro & Franky De Abreu.

Our name originates from the historical Tyee, a steam-powered tug boat that navigated the waterways of Priest Lake in the 1900s, taking log booms down to Outlet Bay. It was the last wood-burning steam tugboat on the lake. The sunken relic can still be seen as a poignant reminder of the significance of the logging industry in and around Priest Lake.

We proudly serve locally-roasted organic coffee, supporting our neighbors Landgrove Coffee. We offer delicious fresh baked pastries and hot grilled sandwiches.  Inside our lakeside cafe is a curated gift shop that sells everything from local-designed apparel, bags, candles, jewelry to gourmet foods, and of course, coffee.

At Tyee, we have a little something for everyone! We invite you to come for the coffee, and stay for awhile to enjoy the picturesque scene of Priest Lake.

Our Team

We want to be your favorite coffee shop, offering our guests great coffee, and even better service. At Tyee, we believe excellent service is an outpouring of an excellent team. And, our team is the cream of the crop!